A restaurant management tool for optimized ordering.

Distributor Collection • Automated Stock Tracking • Organized Menu Breakdowns • AI-Based Order Suggestions

Save money by ordering the right amount of food.

At GreenBytes we use artificial intelligence to predict how much of each menu item you will sell in the upcoming days. We consider your past sales, weather, and other relevant factors.

Reduce food waste by tracking your stock.

With GreenBytes, keeping track of what is in your fridge is easy! Manage your inventory all in one place. We automatically update your inventory based on the sales you made every day. You can easily go in and conduct inventory audits on the GreenBytes app.

Save time by placing orders to all of your distributors at once

Organize the information you need for ordering all in one place. GreenBytes allows you to keep a directory of all of your distributors. We save you even more time by allowing you to place orders to all of your distributors with a few clicks.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Break down your menus so that you can onboard new chefs and open new restaurant locations with ease! GreenBytes calculates how much of each raw ingredient you should be ordering by using your menu breakdown and AI to predict your future sales. Ordering the right amount of food means you prevent food from going to landfills and emit less greenhouse gas emissions like methane.

Use all the organizational tools for free!

Just pay for the artificial intelligence capabilities and automation that comes from connecting to your point of sales

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Solving big and complex problems requires approaching them a little differently. To offer a fresh perspective, our all-female tech team is taking on restaurant food waste by combining cutting edge technology with creativity, communication and out-of-the-box thinking.


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