A solution designed to reduce costs and food waste in restaurants.

Save Time

GreenBytes allows our clients to save time by automating a normally time-consuming task. We make the ordering process easy and streamlined.

Save Money

GreenBytes saves our clients money by optimizing the food ordering process. Our methods ensure our clients only buy what they need, reducing operational costs.

Be Green

By only ordering what is necessary, GreenBytes enables our clients to reduce both food waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Automated Ordering

GreenBytes suggests the smart amount of food for restaurants to meet optimal sales and reduce unnecessary food waste by predicting future food consumption.


Easy to use


Online Menu Building

GreenBytes makes it easy for restaurants to build and organize their menus in one easy to find location. We make it simple to make changes to your menus as your restaurant grows.




Inventory Management

GreenBytes provides a live tracking tool for restaurants to manage their inventory, get updates when stock is running low, and predict what is needed in the future.





Does it work?

So far, we have a prediction accuracy of 86%.

How long does it take to get started?​

As fast as a month!

What do you need from us?

We need access to your past sales data, a breakdown of your current menu, and an inventory audit.